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Bryant…over 90 years of success

It was in 1904 that Charles Bryant began manufacturing high pressure regulators for gas wells. The firm he founded was known as the Natural Gas Regulator Company and was located in Cleveland, Ohio. By 1907, the company was producing gas-fired water heaters. The following year, with the success of the first tubular gas boiler, the firm changed its name to the Bryant Heater and Manufacturing Company. During the mid-1920's, the majority of all gas boilers sold in the United States were made by Bryant.

Bryant became a part of Dresser Industries in 1933 and later became a leader in the furnace, silica-gel dryer, conversion burner, and unit heater business while still maintaining its supremacy in the gas boiler field. In 1949, Bryant, Day & Night and Payne bought themselves out of Dresser and formed Affiliated Gas Equipment, Inc. (AGE). Carrier Corporation purchased AGE in 1955.

In 1955, Carrier Corporation purchased Bryant, Day & Night and Payne. Bryant transferred its management and administrative activities to Indianapolis. In 1974, Carrier formed BDP Company and Bryant became the "B" in BDP.

Bryant products are known and respected throughout the East and Midwest. The company maintains its leadership by designing and manufacturing a full line of highly efficient and dependable products.

The latest line of residential and commercial products serves as the perfect example of our commitment to quality. From computer-assisted design to final assembly and testing, our comfort craftsmen don't miss a detail. Our people take great pride in their work, and it shows in the products they build.

We maintain our reputation as trusted, innovative, quality-conscious leaders by offering affordable finished products that operate efficiently, quietly and reliably.

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