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Welcome to Carrier’s System Products web site!

Carrier is dedicated to informing you about possible Indoor Air Quality problems and solutions. As you proceed through this site you will find three main topics, Indoor Air Quality, Thermostat Programming and how a complete Carrier system works.

The Indoor Air Quality section begins by looking at a house and its surrounding environment. Carrier has highlighted 12 items external to your home, including the four seasons that are possible sources of indoor air contaminants. In order to learn about these items, you must roll over each item with your arrow. A window will pop up explaining how this is related to your Indoor Air Quality and it will also provide possible solutions. After exploring the outside of the house, we invite you to discover more sources of indoor air contaminants by entering the home. Simply click on the front door from this point, you will then have the freedom to move from room to room.

The Thermostat section offers information on thermostat programming. Carrier offers four different thermostats. Once you distinguish which control you have, there is a list of possible questions you may have about operating your thermostat. Click on the particular question and it will provide you with step by step instructions.

The System Showcase section offers information on three different types of systems: furnace and air conditioner, fan coil and heat pump, and a packaged unit. Each system shows how the equipment works together. Also, as you roll your arrow over each piece of equipment a window will pop up giving you a brief description of how that particular piece of the system operates.

Carrier urges you to learn as much as you can about your heating and cooling system in order to make your home as comfortable and safe as possible.