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Indoor Air Problems

Air pollution can be as big a problem inside as out.  People who suffer from allergies can tell you that their symptoms are sometimes just as bad in the home as out. This is because contaminants like pollen, dust, mold and bacteria are trapped inside our homes endlessly re-circulated through inefficient filtration systems not designed for the volume or small size of these particles. Most standard fiber glass-mesh furnace filters only trap about 7-10% of these particles.


Types of Air Cleaners:  Advantages & Disadvantages

Type of Filter




- Cheap to buy

- Only 7-10% efficient at removing only the large dust particles you can see. And particles you canít see are not filtered at all

1Ē Electrostatic Air Filter

- Lowest cost $98-$195
- Fits most existing furnaces
- 85% efficiency in cleaning dust particles 5 microns or larger (what you can see)
- Approx. 15-20% efficiency in removing particles smaller than 5 microns--these are smudging particles

- Must wash every 30 days
- Waiting too long to wash filter will cut off airflow and lead to substantially increased heating and cooling costs

Mechanical Air Cleaner

- Lower cost than electronic type ... $335-$480
- Easy to clean every 9-12 mos. by replacing the filter
- Avg. efficiency is 75% for smaller particles
- Best for severe allergies, including allergies to gasses

- Cost of replacement filter is $38-$45 per year
- Waiting too long to replace filter will cut off airflow and lead to substantially increased heating and cooling costs

Electronic Air Cleaner

- Most efficient type of air filter
- 99% efficiency when clean
- Average 90% efficiency overall.  Especially good at removing smudging particles
- Easy to wash in the dishwasher
- Best at removing bacteria and molds
- Best for severe allergies
- Carrier control pack warranty is five years parts and labor
- Does not reduce airflow when it gets overloaded with dirt

- Moderately expensive... $620-$950
- Loses efficiency if not washed within 60 days
- Not for persons with allergies to gasses, such as auto fumes when residing near expressway with heavy traffic
- Possible repair expense on some parts when out of warranty

Hepa Filter

- Most efficient type of air filter there is
- 99.97% efficient at .3 microns or larger
-nearly 99.97% efficient at .3 microns and smaller
- Used in hospitals and clean rooms for electronic manufacturing
- Best for allergies to particulates and gasses
- Does not affect furnace efficiency

- Costly, $2,000-$2,800 installed
- Replacement filters cost $80-$100 per year and about $270 every 2.5-3 years

Searching for relief

Modern filter systems can remove up to 95% of all airborne particles including bacteria, molds and pollen. Allergy sufferers can breath more easily in a properly filtered home. We recommend either a mechanical or electronic air cleaner depending on the severity of the allergy.

Thicker Filter is better

Not surprisingly, the thicker the filter material, the better it is at removing small particles.  Our Carrier air cleaners have five inches of filter material and remove up to 95% of allergy causing particles.  One inch filters cannot even come close to this. Do not be mislead by claims of 85% efficiency by one inch thick filters. These ratings are for particles of 5 microns or larger. The rating for common allergy causing particles smaller than the eye can see is closer to 10-20%.

Let the Buyer Beware!

One-inch filters, whether electrostatic, electronic or pleated, do not adequately filter out allergy causing or smudging type particle sizes.  And without regular cleaning (every four weeks) the restricted airflow can cause furnace and air conditioner damage, high utility bills and poor heating or cooling.


Key Benefits

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  • Service To Heating Systems May Save Your Life.
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